"...there are moments, like a heartfelt exchange...when seeing ‘postales’ is a memory worth preserving."
- ny timeshttp://movies.nytimes.com/2013/07/26/movies/in-postales-a-family-finds-more-than-souvenirs-abroad.html?_r=0

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A lofu production in association with tambo film outfitters presents Postales   cast Guimel Soria Martinez   Nadia Alexander   Alan Cuba   Megan Tusing   Humberto Chaparro   Esidora Estrada Bolanos   Ed Trucco  Annie Kozuch   William Huanca Pimac   music by Michael Deller   publicist Adam York   editor Evan Smith  director of photography Dan Fischer   producers Claire Connelly   Dan Fischer   P.J. Fishwick   Maxi Holland   writer/director/editor Josh Hyde

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